Friday, January 22, 2016

BOHEMIA - KDM Mixtape (Coming Soon)

BOHEMIA - KDM Mixtape (Coming Soon)

The KDM Mixtape is coming soon - team bohemia

Bohemia just released that he is again coming to India Delhi in February along with that Haji Springer & Bohemia has been tweeting and sharing about the upcoming KDM Mixtape which will be featuring some hot artists though Bohemia or Haji Springer didn't disclosed any names or whom they are collaborating with. No release dates or any kind of confirmations were giving by any of the team members of Kali Denali Music so we just have to wait and watch for the full KDM Mixtape banger to come out in 2016 or may be later.

Bohemia - KDM Mixtape by Kali Denali Music - team bohemia - pesa nasha pyar

Check out the tweets below by Haji Springer and Bohemia for the KDM Mixtape and his next show in New Delhi :-


Haji Springer:-

Pesa Nasha Pyar :-